A romantic soul and timeless elegance.

Blanchett DAME

A women’s dress collection that has quickly spread into the Italian and international markets thanks to a successful formula: great sense of craftsmanship and an accurate attention to structural details and fabric selection.

The soul of the product and the brand identity are shown in its use of sophisticated fabrics, its manufacturing and its research. An important source of inspiration for the designer, since his first collection, is the passion he  expresses through remarkable details that makes his creativity easily recognizable.

What gives an unforgettable taste of romantic use to his creations is the attention to details, and those little ‘’intentional imperfections’’ that make each garment precious and unique.


Blanchett Dame FW1718

Blanchett GOOSE

Producing a “well made” womens dresses is not enough to be a leading player in the market. High technology is the value added to a sartorial urbanwear concept that never ignores the past. Thanks to research and innovation, increasingly high-performance textiles are constantly being introduced.

Revolutionary production processes operate alongside traditional methods, while particularly innovative machines perform heat-bonded taping and ultrasound stitching. These methods allow the use of extremely fine down, the prestigious double emblem of handmade products and pieces made without traditional stitching.

It is a new way of thinking about manufacturing that guarantees that level of excellence that is not just a target to be achieved, but is the very essence of each BLANCHETT GOOSE garment.


> Blanchett Goose FW 1718